Tuesday, 28 July 2009

rainbow after the storm and a summer of rain, so far

enid has the softest cheeks... & the rainbow after the thunderstorm, & a summer of rain so far,
& seriously 2 rolls of wallpaper & it still wasn't enough....


  1. Wow, it looks great! Was it hard to put up? I still have two rolls of wallpaper to hang... I keep putting it off!

  2. tara that looks amazing!!

  3. thanks everyone! i'm most excited to see how photos for the shop will turn out....

    to anabela:
    wallpapering kinda sucks, just make sure to leave 2 inches extra at each end when measuring & it really is important to match the pattern on the floor previously...we had pre-glued wallpaper,ican't imagine having to glue also...
    we bought a wallpaper bucket to soak teh wallpaper, we did the newspaper fold thing too, it was helpful, & you will need a scraper thingy,
    much luck, hope you don't run out like we did, & who knows when we'll ahve teh dough for pre-ordering again, this particular wallpaper was only sold in double rols, ugh


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