Thursday, 2 July 2009

awaitng the wallpaper call

do you remember me saying all this....
the wallpaper to inspire my shop overhaul has been ordered, & i am eagerly awaiting the pick-up call.... here's some more wallpaper inspired photos from my own flcikr favs.

photo c/o lightbugs

photo c/o sherbert tone

photo c/o la meow

photo c/o fieldguided

photo c/o mrfoxtalbot


  1. agreeee
    I also want to buy wallpapers for my bed room, it will look better. I swear. :D

  2. When I own a house I definitely plan on adding tons of wallpaper. The ones you posted here are quite lovely and inspiring :).

  3. Well that's definitely a refreshing view on wallpaper!

    i actually heard someone in my local home wear store ardently bashing wallpaper! "Oh, F%^% no! it's so 70'S!"

    i was gob smacked. That wallpaper is beautiful, and inspiring!


  4. All those wall papers are great! I love floral wall paper =] =]. Your blog is very nice, I'm glad I stumbled across it. I'll be following from now on for sure! ^_^.

  5. Those wallpapers are amazing! I was surprised to see my face here! I just taped some upholstery fabric to the wall -- worked like a charm.

  6. i love these. i really really want floral wallpaper allover my house, dont think my boyfriend will let me though! xx


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