Friday, 3 April 2009

rainy days of spring!

its raining & sooo chilly, &'m just plain out pooped...two shop updates today, phew.....
so yarnovermovement is being spring updated, those BIRD totes in the fabric i just can't get enough of, as well, new colours for berets, those knitted bow headbands, & i supposed it might be time to pass on some of my lovely vintage knitting booklets, i've been holding onto forever!!!
ps the above outfit is mostly courtesy of another another shop update at darlignbrigade too, it'll be up later


  1. I bought your beret in olive green color and I wear it everyday, rain or shine. It has been raining all day long here in New York City but finally at almost 6pm there is a ray of shine and the clouds are moving away. I am sending you a ray of sunshine. Have a good day!


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