Friday, 6 March 2009


  1. i struggle a lot with the self pimping as well. i can't help but feeling like i'm forcing myself & my stuff on people, but i guess you just gotta get over it.

    i don't think you come off as anything but genuine & lovely. it's nothing but nice to see what you're up to business-wise just like anything else!

    i'm so happy to see you seem to do well with the new etsy! keep up the good work & all fingers crossed that it'll grow & become all you want it to be.

  2. Though I have had the pleasure of knowing you in real life, I assure you that you come off lovely and sweet online - like someone geniunely interested in spreading their wares to others for not just the sake of money.

  3. if you follow me online at all you might not think it but i have a hard time with putting myself out there too. i remind myself that i am doing what i love, it's my job, and there's nothing wrong with shining a light on me and the things i make that i am proud of. you make beautiful things :) don't feel odd to step up and make a living at it or whatever else you want from it.

  4. i totally feel the same way.. but you do a great job!


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