Saturday, 16 August 2008

outtakes are always the best part of everything

pop, splatter, kapoww... the gum was on my face & sunglasses as much as it was in my mouth i'm sure of it...
heres the outtakes from some of the knits going into the etsy shop re-opening the first week of september folks, ;p

enid was ever present as we took these pics, either trying to sneak into a shot, or looking eagerly on, impatiently waiting for her turn infront of alicia's lens

miss squishy face!

the slippers weren't supposed to make the shot, aka ballet slippers that you can bet if i'm home or getting the mail i'm in these comfy things, you can even buy real ballet slippers at payless now, & in black & white too, i love them!

so its summer, but lately that just means disappointing rain & cold here in Canada, so barefooted here & feelin the cold

more splatter, death to the bubble

just yappin my gab off

& enid, & more enid, all legs


  1. hi!
    i saw your (adorable) wardrobe_remix post, and lurked my way over here.
    your etsy stuff is AWESOME!
    i wrote up a little post about your site over on
    painfully hip.

    i can't wait to see what you put in your shop in september!

    (my personal blog is over here.)

  2. you and enid are breaking my heart and i need more of your knits, i have to think about colours and stuff an i'll email you!

  3. oh golly... you are my new aesthetic obession, i simply adore your look! loving the work x


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