Friday, 7 March 2008

margot around the block from little edie

i like to think that margot & her sister pauline, of margot at the wedding, live just around the block from little edie & her mom of grey garden's... the gang/ the dysfunctional/ the very-NON-philistines/ the outcasts/
my own wrap up of similarities for me were of course, the many, many moments of awe-style in every frame, every frame is worthy...
& of course, its the permanent summer almost feels like maybe it doesn't get better after this... the grim side of posh society, (but who needs damn posh anyhow, its dull as mud anyhow)

everyone knows dysfunction is grace with style!

yes you may be annoyed to find nicole kidman in this movie, but don't be, there was also dogville & birth. jennifer jason leigh is the perfect little sister, who is never outshined, & gah she's married to the director, who doesn't want to be their offspring?

" Margot at the Wedding (2007), was written and directed by Noah Baumbach. The family in this film makes the family in Baumbach's "Squid and the Whale" look like the the Waltons. They are very strange people. Margot (Nicole Kidman) and her sister Pauline (Jennifer Jason Leigh) come together before Pauline's marriage to Malcolm (Jack Black). The plot outline refers to Malcolm as "less than impressive." I would agree, although you could make the case that even though he's a loser, he's a lovable loser. (I don't see it, but maybe Pauline does.) Margot is a destructive person. She manages to drag everyone down to her depressed level, especially her son Claude and her sister Pauline. (Claude has problems of his own, but they aren't helped by his mother, who is in turn loving and supportive and then hostile and destructive.) Suspension of disbelief is demanded here. Pauline and Margot have a long talk about how they are no longer physically desirable, and so they'll have to settle for any man that will have them. Has Baumbach looked at Nicole Kidman? I know he's looked at Jennifer Jason Leigh, because she's his wife. Pauline and Margot may have to settle for less-than-ideal men, but not on the basis of their unattractiveness. (Neurosis, yes; unattractiveness, no.)" from imdb

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  1. I have not seen it but want to now. I like the photos, and I like to see Nicole Kidman in a role where she isn't the icey cold beautiful blonde.


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